7th Oncentra Brachy User Group Meeting

Stepping forward into the next decade with tools, tips & tricks to make you work smarter 

Please join Elekta and your peers at the 7th Oncentra Brachy User Group Meeting “Stepping forward into the next decade with tools, tips & tricks to make you work smarter”. 

This meeting will give you the opportunity to learn about the relevant advances in technology which will aid you in the future of Brachytherapy.

Some of the features and topics to be included:-

  • Elekta’s view on the future of brachytherapy… a step closer. Presented by Arnoud Klont, Senior Product Manager Prostate & Afterloading, Brachytherapy Portfolio 
  • Direct applicator and catheter tracking in brachytherapy: status and clinical implementation. Presented by Dr Luc Beaulieu, Professor and Director of Universite Laval Cancer Research Centre
  • Prostate Treatment Verification at the Alfred Hospital. Tools in OCB to help you along the way. Presented by Dr Ryan Smith, Senior Medical Physicist William Buckland Radiotherapy Centre
  • Oncentra Brachy 4.6 … what’s new!
  • Tips and Tricks: Automatic catheter reconstruction
  • Tips and Tricks: Image Registration hints & HR CTV Contouring in arbitrary planes. Presented by Mrs Gretel Crutchfield, Brachytherapy Radiation Therapist Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre 
  • Review of HIPO & IPSA
  • Prostate Plan Challenge

The culmination will be a Brachytherapy Planning Challenge whereby you will use the tips and tricks and new software to complete a plan. The winning team must complete the plan in the shortest time with the best accepted DVH parameters.

To register your team for the Plan Challenge please RSVP to Kirsten Bell kirsten.bell@elekta.com

We look forward to seeing you in Brisbane.

The Eleketa Brachytherapy Team


Target Audience:
This workshop is specifically designed for Varian Brachytherapy users looking to advance and streamline their practice as well as brachytherapy clinicians interested in learning about how Varian is inspiring people to power new victories against cancer.

Program Objective:
The aim of the course is to provide in-depth scientific and practical information on the current Varian platforms to help you provide the best treatments. We will focus on image guided brachytherapy in locally advanced prostate, surface and cervical cancer through lectures, interactive discussions and hands on practice on Brachyvision planning workstations.


Say “Hello” to BRAVOS™

Presented by Sophie Wetherall, Global Product Manager for Treatment Delivery, Varian
Learn about Varian’s new afterloader that combines more than 50 years of our experience in brachytherapy with your clinical experience to provide you with an intuitive afterloader that enables you to focus on your patients.

Applicator Innovations

Presented by Sophie Wetherall, Global Product Manager for Treatment Delivery, Varian
– Get an inside look at Varian’s latest applicator innovations that are designed to simplify the process, streamline your workflow and gain peace of mind when performing advanced brachytherapy procedures.

Explore Advanced brachytherapy planning with BrachyVision
Users will be led through the advanced features and tools in Brachyvision 15.6 in a Hands-on practical session  that enable them to generate complex clinical plans with confidence and reliability.
– An in-depth look at algorithms, model base planning and automated tools designed to streamline advance your quality of brachy plans covering:

    • AcurosBV for Model-based planning.
    • Utilising AVOL volume optimization to speed up planning
    • Speed and standardization with clinical protocols
    • Tips and tricks to streamline planning